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This is Allnet official advertising website, this is the website where all media broadcasters, publishers of newspapers and magazines, online advertiser, advertising agencies and business advertisers meet for advert rates worl wide. we are advertisers, we advertise your goods/ products, we make an open air publicity, campaign via the following media; Allnet Advertorial website as you can see this various ads display, Radio, Television, Newspaper, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Bulk SMS, GSM Network, Youtube, E-mail Marketing, web blogs. It is done based on you choice of advertising media.





As a registered advertising agency, we have a commercially induced advertorial accounts with several online/internet based fore-runners that could produce six times of the result you could get on a normal or direct ads placement, as you view these ads here, they are highly channelled to traffic in all social media, search engines and major private and business website. Advertise with us on our various internet advert platform that could give you a six-times result beyond the normal charges on audience reach as we have discounted advert accounts across the online advert platform.












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Allnet is the first Nigerian company to incorporate all aspects of communication into advertising at the same time i.e. we incorporate Television, Radio, Newspaper and online media to give the richest exposure in Nigeria with the widest reach countrywide.

If you are a staff of any TV programme producers, Soap Opra, Radio station, Television station, Newspaper/magazine/journals publishers and your prices are not listed in this website follow this link to submit your price list now.

If you are an advertiser and you are looking for a particular media ( TV programme producers, Soap Opral, Radio station, Television station, Newspaper/magazine/journals) and you can't find it here, kindly call them and inform them about

Allnet has the following partners;

  • Media connect (All media as stated above)
  • Artiste connect (music movie comedy D.J etc)
  • Politics connect (Brand pages of top political icons, political office holders, political parties)
  • Business connect (All  entrepreneurs, corporate firms etc)
  • Adsense connect(A community of all adsense users)
  • Online shopping connect( A collection of online retail shops)
  • World motivational speakers connect(A collection of world class business coaches world-over)
  • Preachers connect( A network of gospel preachers world-over)
  • Marriage connect(A Collection of relationship seekers)
  • Ticket connect(Sales of ticket for event organizers)


We engage in Facebook, Google, Yahoo, E-mail,  Bulk-sms, Radio, Television, Newspaper and other Top Nigerian Companies.

We have moved to the next phase of our vision which is to create a portal that is comparatively the cheapest and most efficient mode of advert. the above portal offers a “list one list all” opportunity. It cost $100 to register and once you are activated for a whole month you enjoy advert on our communication media including; facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages of multiple followership.

The site is generating about 50,000 visitors daily without any form of major advertisement. We estimate that as we progress we shall be generating about 5000,000 visitors daily from all over the world.

Advertise Online Now!   Advertise Online Now!  
Advertise Online Now!  
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